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GenomicsGenome analysis, gene expression and regulation, Sequencing, Assembly, Annotation, Functional genomics, Genomic medicine, Human genomics, Comparative Genomics etc.

EpigenomicsEpigenome, DNA methylation, genome-wide methylation analysis, histone modification, Epigenomics Methods etc

MetagenomicsEnvironmental genomics, ecogenomics, microbial biodiversity, Comparative metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Pathogenomics etc

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December, 2016

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Update: on December 17, 2016

facebook Nearly 500 New lncRNAs Identified

Hearing loss prevalence declining in U.S. adults aged 20 to 69 years

Two major groups of rabies virus display distinct evolutionary trends

Posted: on December 16, 2016

facebook Scientists sequence the genome of the Iberian lynx, the most endangered feline

Microprotein important for maintaining human cell health discovered

Researchers sequence entire genome of seahorse, investigate essential mechanisms of evolution

Posted: on December 15, 2016

facebook Cancer genomics continued: Triple negative breast cancer and cancer immunotherapy

Personal-genome cancer-risk profile may not inspire lifestyle changes

Toward New Treatment Targets in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted: on December 14, 2016

facebook Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Show Signs of Donor Age

Database of DNA viruses and retroviruses debuts on IMG platform

New mutations in gene PKD1L1 are associated with disarrangement of human internal organs

Posted: on December 13, 2016

facebook NIH competition seeks wearable device to detect alcohol levels in real-time

5,000 samples for genome programme

Cow gene study shows why most clones fail

Posted: on December 12, 2016

facebook Cellular immunotherapy targets a common human cancer mutation

New test genetically identifies fungal wheat threat

Controversial hormone could fight against recurring breast cancers

Posted: on December 10, 2016

facebook Tracking breast cancer cell genetics reveals longer potential treatment window

Synthetic sgRNA for CRISPR genome editing

Personality traits, psychiatric disorders linked to specific genomic locations

Posted: on December 09, 2016

facebook New study suggests how risk gene linked to ADHD may work

North America's oldest mummy returned to US tribe after genome sequencing

Researchers identify critical paralog groups with indispensable role in cellular signalling pathways

Posted: on December 08, 2016

facebook "Google Docs" for life sciences accelerates discovery

Researchers find overwhelming evidence of malaria's existence 2,000 years ago

New study unravels critical genes to understand human diseases and support drug discovery

Posted: on December 07, 2016

facebook Potential for wide-scale whole-genome sequencing in humans using nanopore approaches

Scientist designs lamp light operative photodynamic molecules for tumor therapy

Scientists aim for first U.S. aquatic species map

Posted: on December 06, 2016

facebook In vivo gene editing in non-dividing cells

NIH Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

The power of precision genomics to understand unique causes of disease in individual patients

Posted: on December 05, 2016

facebook US health-reform legislation clears big hurdle

Battle over US overtime pay rules leaves many postdocs in limbo

Government moves to close cattle DNA loopholes

Posted: on December 03, 2016

facebook The Pangenome: Are Single Reference Genomes Dead?

Cigarette smoking may lead to fibrosis in the heart and kidneys, study reveals

UK moves closer to allowing 'three-parent' babies

Posted: on December 02, 2016

facebook Scientists identify unique genomic features in testicular cancer

Infographic: Partioning the Genome

Study finds potential new biomarker for cancer patient prognosis

Posted: on December 01, 2016

facebook CRISPR screens tackle the noncoding genome

Online epidemic tracking tool embraces open data and collective intelligence

Big data promise exponential change in healthcare

Posted: on November 30, 2016

facebook First new HIV vaccine efficacy study in seven years has begun

Our complicated relationship with viruses

Schizophrenia: Researchers pinpoint rare genetic risk variants

Posted: on November 29, 2016

facebook The ins and outs of enhancer validation

Research finds ancient viruses lurking in DNA

Living cells bind silicon and carbon for the first time

Posted: on November 28, 2016

facebook Researchers discover novel way to analyze DNA modifications in glioblastoma

New tricks in canine cancer therapies aim to treat humans, too

Scientists: Microcephaly secrets are hidden in genome

Posted: on November 26, 2016

Retinitis pigmentosa gene discovery may reveal a new route to inherited blindness

Nature versus nurture in coronary atherosclerosis

Looking to the Genome for Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

Posted: on November 25, 2016

facebook The power of big data must be harnessed for medical progress

Pioneering study of invertebrates discovers 1,445 viruses including several new families

How blood cell genetic variations impact on common diseases

Posted: on November 24, 2016

facebook Virus and vaccine insert themselves into chicken DNA

Largest Study of its Kind Finds Rare Genetic Variations Linked to Schizophrenia

Researchers study plant aging, gain insights into crop yields and more

Posted: on November 23, 2016

facebook Ginkgo 'living fossil' genome decoded

Prime Minister opens sequencing and innovation centres at Sanger

Researchers capture first glimpse of important, abundant ocean microbe

Posted: on November 22, 2016

facebook Geneticists hope to unlock secrets of bats' complex sounds

Scientists establish genetic link to skin colour

Slow motion waves of jumping genes in the human genome

Posted: on November 21, 2016

facebook The ChIP-Seq tools and web server: a resource for analyzing ChIP-seq

A novel codon-based de Bruijn graph algorithm for gene construction

Genome-wide repression of eRNA and target gene loci by the ETV6-RUNX1 fusion in acute leukemia

Posted: on November 19, 2016

facebook Implementation of large-scale genomic tumor profiling viable but faces several challenges

Scientists Develop Computer Models to Predict Cancer Cell Network Activity

What's the future for beef cattle genomics?

Posted: on November 18, 2016

facebook For children with brain tumors, next-generation sequencing may lead to different diagnoses

IBM's Watson to use genomic data to defeat drug-resistant cancers

The flip side of personal genomics: When a mutation doesn't spell disease

Posted: on October 27, 2016

facebook Ant genomics help reshape biological history of the Americas

Solving the Lack of Diversity in Genomic Research

Hidden richness in Middle Eastern genomes

Posted: on October 26, 2016

facebook New study examines how tumor genome testing helps improve breast cancer treatment

New bacteria groups, and stunning diversity, discovered underground

Program good ethics into artificial intelligence

Posted: on October 25, 2016

facebook DNA testing of dairy animals booms

Study indicates that advances in precision medicine have improved breast cancer treatment

Almost 6,000 farmers withdraw from Genomics Programme

Posted: on October 24, 2016

facebook NIH scientists uncover genetic explanation for frustrating syndrome

Computer simulation breaks virus apart to learn how it comes together

Neanderthal DNA affects ethnic differences in immune response

Posted: on October 22, 2016

facebook Structure of primary cannabinoid receptor is revealed

Mathematical analysis reveals architecture of the human genome

Illumina Contributes to ClinVar Database

Posted: on October 21, 2016

facebook Exome Dataset Expands to Whole Genome

Surprisingly few new parents enlist in study to have baby's genome sequenced

Paving the Way for the Internet of Genomes

Posted: on October 20, 2016

facebook New tools identify key evolutionary advantages from ancient hominid interbreeding

Mysterious origin of European bison revealed using DNA and cave art

Microsoft says it has a new computing method to speed up genomic sequencing

Posted: on October 19, 2016

facebook Researchers from Innovative Genomics Initiative reveal potential to correct sickle cell mutation

Repositive now largest portal for human genomic data

H3Africa Initiative selects Illumina to develop new array for GWAS

Posted: on October 18, 2016

facebook Personalized Genomics Databases Show Racial Bias

Biologists use genomics to identify evolving new bird species in southern Idaho

Researchers describe how duplications of DNA segments affect the 3-D structure of the genome

Posted: on October 17, 2016

facebook Weight loss leads to strong increase in appetite

NIH funds additional medical centers to expand national precision medicine research program

Scientists Seek to Map All Human Cells in Vast Atlas

Posted: on October 15, 2016

facebook Precision cancer medicine is improved using novel statistical methods

CRISPR Corrects Sickle Cell-Causing Gene in Human Cells

Biologists Find DNA of Black Widow Spider Toxin in Genome of Bacteriophage

Posted: on October 14, 2016

facebook Genome engineering paves way for sickle cell cure

Vitamins A and C help erase cell memory

Safety concerns blight promising cancer therapy

Posted: on October 13, 2016

facebook Major racial bias found in leading genomics databases

'Genome graph' offers way for scientists to map human gene pool

Virus steals black widow poison gene to help it attack

Posted: on October 12, 2016

facebook Researchers identify genes related to vitiligo

Researchers find genes behind aggressive ovarian and endometrial cancers

Scientists reveal how a little-known amoeba engulfed a bacterium to become photosynthetic

Posted: on October 11, 2016

facebook Computer programme to prevent dangerous reaction to medicines devised by 12-year-old girl

The genetic architecture of DKD in T1DM

We're Approaching the Golden Age in Kidney Cancer Care

Posted: on October 10, 2016

facebook Science startups make research faster, cheaper, more accurate

Antibody-Drug Conjugate Active in Pretreated Ovarian Cancer

The Cancer Moonshot needs a heavy dose of computational infrastructure

Posted: on October 08, 2016

facebook Reactome announces annotation and release of 10,000th human protein

Beer yeasts show surprising diversity, genome study finds

Scientists Sequence Tarsier Genome

Posted: on October 07, 2016

facebook Loss of noncoding elements of genome results in heart abnormalities, study finds

Mayo Clinic recommends four ways physicians can use individualized medicine to treat patients

Coral study reveals secrets of evolution

Posted: on October 06, 2016

facebook DNA structures called microsatellites play a greater role in cancer than previously thought

Scientists deconstruct one of the myths of biological innovation

Real-time sharing of Zika genomes: the race against a virus

Posted: on October 05, 2016

facebook New strategy to accelerate plant breeding by turbocharging gene banks

Researchers probe secrets of bacterial immune system

'Game-changing' study suggests first Polynesians voyaged all the way from East Asia

Posted: on October 04, 2016

facebook Medicine Nobel for research on how cells 'eat themselves'

Open-access journal eLife to start charging fees

Can we use a simple blood test to detect cancer?

Posted: on October 03, 2016

facebook Biologists identify evolving new bird species in southern Idaho using genomics

Scientists identify genes behind social ability of dogs

A cure for Zika may lie in mining viruses for genetic data

Posted: on October 01, 2016

facebook Junk DNA is not so junky after all

Secret of connection between dogs and humans could be genetic

Targeting the Noncoding Genome with CRISPR

Posted: on September 30, 2016

facebook NCI collaborates with Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Cigarette smoking has broad impact on human genome

Synthego Announces World's First Synthetic Single Guide RNA Kit for CRISPR Genome Engineering

Posted: on September 29, 2016

facebook Non-coding portions of genome are found to play role in cancer

China Launches Its First National Gene Bank

New switch decides between genome repair, death of cells

Posted: on September 28, 2016

facebook New genetic links for heart disease risk factors identified

The guardians of the genome protect DNA to increase seed lifespan

Gut bacteria may be linked to 'dangerous' body fat

Posted: on September 27, 2016

facebook Researchers sequence genome of 'gluttonous' tobacco hornworm

Study uncovers why aspirin may be used to prevent heart disease and colon cancer

Genetic tests can help with predicting some cancers, treating others

Posted: on September 26, 2016

facebook Deep-sea microbes, simple medical diagnostic tools and complex computing win 2016 MacArthur 'genius grants'

Science's 1% : How income inequality is getting worse in research

Connecticut becoming a hub for new bioscience companies

Posted: on September 24, 2016

facebook New insights into potent cancer tumor suppressor gene

One single genomic fingerprinting could potentially miss smaller, more aggressive prostate tumors

GUIDE-Seq technology might detect double-strand DNA breaks in plants

Posted: on September 23, 2016

facebook Microsoft intiatives treat cancer as a computing problem

Getting Pharmacogenomics Into the Clinic

Superbug MRSA may be spreading through contaminated poultry

Posted: on September 22, 2016

facebook 'Radiation shield' found hidden in water bear genome

Scientists discover distant DNA working together to affect disease risk

Human 'junk' gene sequences can promote translation

Posted: on September 21, 2016

facebook Mosquito preference for human versus animal biting has genetic basis

US toughens rules for clinical-trial transparency

DNA heist that wasn't sparks data questions

Posted: on September 20, 2016

facebook Elephant history rewritten by ancient genomes

NIST releases new 'family' of standardized genomes

Research on fruit flies leads to cancer discovery

Posted: on September 19, 2016

facebook Mosquito Preference for Human Versus Animal Biting Has Genetic Basis

Childhood Cancer Deaths: Brain Cancer Overtakes Leukemia as Top Cause

Essential mouse genes may guide human precision medicine

Posted: on September 17, 2016

facebook FDA: Cutting-Edge Technology Sheds Light on Antibiotic Resistance

Team discovers, successfully treats new variant of antibiotic-resistant bacterium

Researchers use expanded computing power to accelerate big-data science

Posted: on September 16, 2016

facebook Collaboration accelerates single cell genomics research

Mouse study reveals genes essential for life and provides insights into human disease

Texas researchers plan to create national obesity genome registry

Posted: on September 15, 2016

facebook Researchers develop hybrid computational strategy for scalable whole genome data analysis

Mitotic Cells Can Reprogram Mouse Sperm

Singapore scientists develop DNA-altering technology to tackle diseases

Posted: on September 14, 2016

facebook Genome-wide studies reveal evolutionary conserved enzyme facilitates DNA replication

New studies double number of known sites in genome linked to high blood pressure

Mola mola, the sunfish genome is incredible!

Posted: on September 13, 2016

facebook Expert Describes Potential Therapeutic Vaccine for Advanced HCC

Evolutionarily conserved enzyme play key role in DNA replication

Mola Mola's Genome May Explain Its Gigantic Size

Posted: on September 12, 2016

facebook Why our DNA isn't the whole story of ourselves

New drug clears malaria from mice in a single dose

Yale researchers using new approaches to study cancer, seek treatments

Posted: on September 10, 2016

facebook Genome of the world's largest bony fish may explain fast growth rate and large size

New insights into tumor-infiltrating T cells

Linking RNA structure and function

Posted: on September 09, 2016

facebook Researchers discover a gene that is essential for the DNA-replication process

Medication against schizophrenia inhibits pancreatic cancer

Researchers Sequence Genome of Zika Virus Reference Strain

Posted: on September 08, 2016

facebook Researchers work to boost treatment of gastric cancer

Yale Researchers Study Life-Extending Hormone

Advances in human genotyping arrays

Posted: on September 07, 2016

facebook Obesity linked to improved survival in kidney

Study opens door to targeted treatments for oesophageal cancer

Essay Genome Project applies algorithmic analysis to writing

Posted: on September 06, 2016

facebook Drug-resistant Shigella Infection Risk Among Men Who have Sex with Men

Climate change threatens to double malaria risk from African dams, say researchers

Researchers Identify Barley That Thrives In Salty Soils

Posted: on September 05, 2016

facebook Plague Genome Sequenced From 6th Century Woman's Teeth

Strain Differences In Zika Infection Gene Patterns

Drug Resistance in One Salmonella Strain Grows; Others Remain Low

Posted: on September 03, 2016

facebook Genome-wide Toxoplasma screen reveals mechanisms of parasitic infections

Decoding clover DNA leads to better livestock productivity

Eye Melanoma, Media Hype, and Genomic Medicine

Posted: on September 02, 2016

facebook How DNA could store all the world's data

How genetic variation can disrupt the heart's rhythm

Researchers identify new gene for type 2 diabetes at well-established genomic location

Posted: on September 01, 2016

facebook Variation in 'junk' DNA leads to trouble

Tasmanian Devils Developing Resistance to Transmissible Cancer

Researchers Devise New Method to Enhance Genome-Wide Association Studies for Liver Disease

Posted: on August 31, 2016

facebook Double your genes: Stepping stones for the next century of understanding plant polyploidy

Peptide mutants may help to identify vulnerability in tumor cells

Single gene mutation causes severely debilitating disease of brain blood vessels

Posted: on August 30, 2016

facebook Hormone activation of genes takes teamwork

Researchers use genetics to probe immune system's role in fighting cancer

Ant genomics declare 'checkmate' to red king theory

Posted: on August 26, 2016

facebook Research team develops data-driven methods to refine climate predictions, analyze climatic changes

Genome mapped in battle to beat superbugs

Researchers to look at relationship between rice, saline soil conditions

Posted: on August 25, 2016

facebook DNA Foundry propels Earlham Institute into precision genomics

Scientists unravel genetic ancestry of cultivated strawberry

Genome mapped in battle to beat superbugs

Posted: on August 24, 2016

facebook Exome project reveals 3230 disease genes

Will Artificial Intelligence Defeat Cancer?

Researchers Successfully Recode the Genome of Bacteria

Posted: on August 23, 2016

facebook Gene mapping may not be for everyone

Genetically Diverse Viral Antigens Needed to Win the Fight Against Viral Pathogens

23andMe's Consumer DNA Data Goldmine Is Starting To Pay Off

Posted: on August 22, 2016

facebook 'Radically rewritten' bacterial genome unveiled

Biologists are close to reinventing the genetic code of life

To study ancient cancer, this scientist made her own mummies

Posted: on August 20, 2016

facebook Genes responsible for cardiometabolic disease risk identified

Exploring Alternative Codon Usage in Yeast

Researchers identify gene associated with age-related hearing loss

Posted: on August 19, 2016

facebook Largest Human Genetic Variation Repository Yet

New standard helps ensure accurate clinical measurements of HER2 breast cancer gene

Indigenous DNA at centre of ethical furore could help reconnect stolen generations

Posted: on August 18, 2016

facebook Computers could be more accurate than pathologists in assessing lung cancer tissues, study shows

Soybean science blooms with supercomputers

Predicting lung cancer type and patient survival with computers

Posted: on August 17, 2016

facebook Researchers pinpoint key regulatory role of noncoding genes in prostate cancer development

Financial analytics technology tackles 'Big Data' crop research at biotech leader

Study show difference in NZ gene pools

Posted: on August 16, 2016

facebook Multidimensional algorithm: Cancer detector

This video perfectly explains why CRISPR really will change the world forever

Gene mapping gives hope for ramularia control

Posted: on August 13, 2016

facebook Nobel laureate's death highlights struggles at Egyptian science hub

Novel computational analysis of prostate cancer suggests potential targets for therapy

Crowdsourced genetics study ferrets out the hereditary roots of depression

Posted: on August 12, 2016

facebook Genomic analysis reveals hidden biodiversity within colugos

Analysis of metastatic prostate cancers suggests treatment options

Bacteria's own genome becomes food safety tool

Posted: on August 11, 2016

facebook Machine-learning program that helps identify hundreds of ASD-related genes

Navigating the Human Genome with Sequins

NIH and Allscripts subsidiary 2bPrecise launch cloud-based genomic technology

Posted: on August 10, 2016

facebook One drug is 'new hope' for three killer infections

New Sequins technology could help improve quality of genomic analysis

UTA engineering researcher to develop tools to better analyze complex patient data

Posted: on August 09, 2016

facebook Scientists track badger-cow encounters to understand cattle TB

Depression and data: Genetic study is leading to important advances

German psychiatrist plans to scan the brains of refugees

Posted: on August 08, 2016

facebook IBM lab on a chip can sort 20 nanometer nanoparticles such as DNA, viruses and exos

Wistar scientists identify marker for myeloid-derived suppressor cells

A lab is liquidated, and so is decade of cancer studies

Posted: on August 06, 2016

facebook Analysis of metastatic prostate cancers suggests treatment options

NASA releases 'Omics: Advancing personalized medicine from space to Earth'

Genomics study points to origins of pollen allergens

Posted: on August 05, 2016

facebook Gene expression profile may ID renal cell carcinoma pts unlikely to benefit from nivolumab

New genome reveals how Arctic microbes survive in cold extreme habitats

Consumption of natural estrogens in cow's milk does not affect blood levels or reproductive health

Posted: on August 04, 2016

Discovery of male-harming DNA mutation reinforces 'mother's curse' hypothesis

US issues patent for Valley Fever detection technology developed by TGen and NAU

How genomics is dramatically changing the future of medicine

Posted: on August 02, 2016

facebook Trial Shows Interactions Between KRAS Mutations, Erlotinib Therapy in NSCLC

Scientists find genes linked to family depression

New studies from the Center for Genome Architecture at Baylor explore 3-D structure of DNA

Posted: on August 02, 2016

facebook Carnegie Mellon builds new algorithm for analyzing the cancer genome

NIH-led researchers develop software that could facilitate drug development

Tracking how HIV disrupts immune system informs vaccine development

Posted: on August 01, 2016

facebook Scientists grow mini human brains

Scientists use Regeneration Intelligence to assess perturbation status of many signaling pathways

Report says men, women metabolize food differently

Posted: on July 30, 2016

facebook Mayo Clinic studying genomics of antiplatelet heart medication

Australia launches first whole-genome testing service

New partnership to advance study of links between genomics and disease

Zebrafish help researchers study human genes

Posted: on July 29, 2016

facebook Whole-genome sequence analysis shows that two endemic species of North American

Russian genetics team creates tool for immunity analysis

Artificial Intelligence And Data Driven Medicine

Mouse antibodies pinpoint Zika's weak spots

Posted: on July 28, 2016

facebook Scientists identify novel genes linked to motor neuron disease

NCI Launches Cancer Patient Data Repository

Penn study sheds new light on biology of fatty liver disease

Genome-editing 'toolbox' targets multiple genes at once

Posted: on July 27, 2016

facebook Global rate of new HIV infections hasn't fallen in a decade

Scientists further research into MND

Researchers identify genome-modifying enzyme linked to Rett Syndrome

Transcriptome differences in prostate cancer highlight racial disparities and vitamin D

Posted: on July 26, 2016

facebook China's about to rewrite human DNA using a revolutionary tool for the first time

Taking Genomic Data Global

Genetic pesticide: Monsanto, startups seek alternatives to manage bugs and weeds

Immunotherapy, tumor profiling fill "gigantic knowledge gap" in bladder cancer

Posted: on July 25, 2016

facebook Researchers in Japan decode genome of endangered bird

Can this woman cure ageing with gene therapy?

Human brain mapped in unprecedented detail

Chinese scientists to pioneer first human CRISPR trial

Posted: on July 23, 2016

facebook Comprehensive HIV vaccine project funded at $23 million by NIH

Your gut bacteria predates appearance of humans, genetic study finds

This protein designer aims to revolutionize medicines and materials

New therapeutic targets for small cell lung cancer identified

Posted: on July 22, 2016

facebook Disturbances in blood cell gene transcription may lead to leukemia

Enhancers can boost frequency of transcriptional bursting, study shows

First free comprehensive data facility for patient-centered care

Scientists Break Ground in a Little-Understood Area of Human Genetics

Posted: on July 21, 2016

facebook Cell biologists should specialize, not hybridize

Genomic Tool Helps Early Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Chemo

Genetic tests target improvement in racehorses performance

Role for enhancers in bursts of gene activity

Posted: on July 20, 2016

facebook New Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center Forms National Hub for Alzheimers Disease Research

10,000 genomes deeply examined in Venter-led study

Genetic drivers of immune response to cancer discovered through 'big data' analysis

Scientists delve into 'black box' of DNA research

Posted: on July 19, 2016

facebook Defining What It Means To Be A Naive Stem Cell

Singapore Scientists Discover New Pathways Leading to Cancer Progression

Rare antibiotic compound detected in fungi for first time

The White House Is Pushing Precision Medicine, but It Won't Happen for Years

Posted: on July 18, 2016

facebook Microbiome 'social network' revealed by gene swaps

South Africa ushers in a new era for HIV

U.K. science campaign group sets up shop in Brussels

'Classic' HIV Cure Remains a Challenge, NIH Expert Says

Posted: on July 16, 2016

facebook Long noncoding RNA found to quell inflammation

23andMe Introduces New Genetic Research Platform

Genomics tracking gonorrhoea across borders

Cambridge startup wins key role with UK genomics lab

Posted: on July 15, 2016

facebook Rosetta Genomics gets US patent for microRNA-based ovarian cancer treatment

Brain cell death in Alzheimer's linked to structural flaw

Two new studies find potential genetic cause and new treatment method for autoimmune diseases

International collaboration to create new cancer models to accelerate research

Posted: on July 14, 2016

facebook Researchers make advance in possible treatments for Gaucher, Parkinson's diseases

Research findings unveil new avenues to monitor, treat lung cancer more effectively

Selfish mitochondria implicated in a variety of diseases

Scientists Interpret Mosquito Genes to Help Prevent Spread of Deadly Diseases

Posted: on July 13, 2016

facebook Genome of durum wheat assembled

Gut bacteria can cause, predict and prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Novel study on histones provides better understanding of gene regulation

Colistin-resistant gene detected in US for the second time

Posted: on July 12, 2016

facebook Major funders launch international repository of cutting-edge cancer models

Circulating cell clusters in blood of cancer patients open up new ways to detect and inhibit cancer spreading

US Veterans Affairs taps IBM's Watson for cancer care program

AMP looks forward working with FDA to determine optimal approach to regulating NGS tests

Posted: on July 11, 2016

facebook Mathematical framework that prioritizes key patterns in networks aims to accelerate scientific discovery

Humanity plagued by single strain of bacteria

A 'big data' approach to developing cancer drugs

Weizman Institute Revealing Secrets of Protective Coating of Wheat and Barley

Posted: on July 09, 2016

facebook Companion: a new tool to generate and visualize annotation of parasite genomes

Long noncoding RNA found to quell inflammation

HIV study confirms clinically viable vaccine paving the way for future treatments

FDA Releases Draft Guidances on Next-Generation Sequencing

Posted: on July 08, 2016

facebook Whole-genome omics data can improve accuracy of breast cancer survival predictions

Blood test to detect DNA fragments shed from colon cancers

The interaction between our 2 genomes, nuclear and mitochondrial

Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA

Posted: on July 07, 2016

facebook Mapping molecular neighborhoods

No one is an island: The history of human genetic ancestry in Madagascar

CRISPR Combats Herpes

Complex Mouse Behaviors Linked to Genes that Influence Them

Posted: on July 06, 2016

facebook Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines

Dolly the Sheep creator calls for biobank to save endangered animals

A Strategy For 'convergence' Research To Transform Biomedicine

Researchers reveal new therapeutic avenue in the fight against cancer

Posted: on July 05, 2016

facebook A New Computational Method will help to know the Progression of Colorectal Cancer

Growing Pains for Field of Epigenetics as Some Call for Overhaul

Biological system reduces amount of freight for delivery to orbit

Recommendations for integrating genomic results into clinical practice

Posted: on July 04, 2016

facebook Disease-Predicting Avatars Fuel Billion-Dollar Chinese Startup

Superbug hunters: the front line against antibiotic resistance

In the future we will be making babies from skin cells, an author predicts

Monitoring Malaria Parasite Reveals Evolving Drug Resistance And Infection History

Posted: on July 02, 2016

facebook Thousands on one chip: New method to study proteins

Towards a cure for herpesviruses: Targeting infection with CRISPR/Cas9

How will genomics enter day-to-day medicine?

Gene mutation 'hotspots' linked to better breast cancer outcomes

Posted: on July 01, 2016

facebook Ovarian cancer study uncovers new biology

Penn Medicine developing next generation of viral vectors for genome editing

Genome Instability May Be Linked To Schizophrenia

White House summit advances the 'cancer moonshot'

Posted: on June 30, 2016

facebook Powerful Tumor DNA Test Has Guided Cancer Treatment for 10,000 MSK Patients

Advances in epigenome sequencing technologies can allow comprehensive analysis of cancers

Developing novel techniques to visualize uncultured microbial cell activity

Researchers identify set of genes that play vital role in early human development

Posted: on June 29, 2016

facebook New software improves ability to catalog bacterial pathogens

Researchers develop method to map cancer progression

Serpentine plants survive harsh soils thanks to borrowed genes

Researchers receive NIA award to establish center for Alzheimer's disease genomics

Posted: on June 28, 2016

facebook The startling failure to cure sickle cell disease

The day the human genome was unveiled

Study of canine genetics holds clues to better human health

Genetic engineered crops OK

Posted: on June 27, 2016

facebook Oncogene signatures could help design new drug treatments for breast cancer

Hairs, feathers and scales have a lot in common: Study

Vice President Biden to host Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C.

Brexit big blow to UK science: Researchers

Posted: on June 24, 2016

facebook Whole Genome Sequencing: Cracking the Genetic Code for Foodborne Illness

Molecular tools for bioengineering eukaryotic microalgae

How the Science of CRISPR Can Change Your Genes

Scientists want to use bacteria to clean up oil spills

Posted: on June 24, 2016

facebook Researchers receive NIH funding to launch genomics center on Alzheimer's disease

China's bid to be a DNA superpower

France to invest millions of euros in cancer-fighting genome medicine

First CRISPR clinical trial gets green light from US panel

Posted: on June 23, 2016

facebook The Heart Grows Stronger With Pharmacogenomics

Insilico Medicine collaborates with Asia Genomics to develop advanced personalized longevity suite

Genomic medicine law taking shape at the U

The ups and downs of data sharing in science

Posted: on June 22, 2016

facebook Illumina signs initial customer deals for new Global Screening Array

Making a life plan based on your DNA

IBM signs up to support genomic research into pediatric conditions

social benefits of artificial intelligence

Posted: on June 21, 2016

facebook Scientists just discovered where HIV began

Unveiling the distinctive features of a promising industrial microorganism

The Guardian view on genetics: engineer, but with ethics

Germ sleuths go high-tech in battle against drug resistance

Posted: on June 20, 2016

facebook Scientists want to replace lab workhorse E. coli with the world's fastest-growing bacterium

Unveiling the distinctive features of a promising industrial microorganism

Personalized Cancer Genome Sequencing Market Analysis and Industry Trends in 2024

Novel multiple sclerosis susceptibility loci implicated in epigenetic regulation

Posted: on June 17, 2016

facebook Researchers highlight gene loss as potential process of genetic change, evolutionary adaption

Research may point to new ways to deliver drugs into bacteria

Foundation Medicine wants to find 'software bugs' in your genome to fight cancer

New superbug test developed by TGen-NAU receives Australian patent

Posted: on June 17, 2016

facebook Pathogen genomics used to determine the end of TB outbreak in landmark research

New Agents for the Treatment of Advanced Bladder Cancer

NCI Launches GDC

MRSA detection technology developed by TGen-NAU is granted first patent

Posted: on June 16, 2016

facebook Eye study underscores the long-lasting benefits of controlling diabetes

Researchers Decode Rubber Tree Genome

Genome sequencing helps determine end of tuberculosis outbreak

Wheat sequencing consortium releases key resource to the scientific community

Posted: on June 15, 2016

facebook Wheat sequencing consortium releases key resource to the scientific community

Wild Parents Genomes Reveal Complex Genetic Past For Garden Variety Petunias

Is Genome Grammar Just a Figure of Speech?

Conference to promote building of genomic zoo for 10,000 species

Posted: on June 14, 2016

facebook Cats could have the hunting instinct 'edited' out of their genes

PD-1 Overexpression Helps Cancer Cells Evade Immune Attack

Scientists to create babies using DNA of four parents

Bioinformatics: Breaking the bottleneck for cancer research

Posted: on June 13, 2016

facebook First rodent found with a human-like menstrual cycle

Genome-scale Modelling Of Staphylococcus Aureus Strains

Doctor's plan for full-body transplants raises doubts in China

Scientist dechipered secrets of Pineapple's DNA

Posted: on June 10, 2016

facebook How 'super organisms' evolve in response to toxic environments

A new way to publish metagenomics studies

Students isolate potentially novel soil-dwelling viruses

Cancer study could lead to personalised treatments

Posted: on June 09, 2016

facebook Genetic test predicts your success in life, but not happiness

Researchers examine pan-genome of deadly Staph bacteria

Syapse's Precision Cancer Network boosts collective wisdom through genomic data sharing

Neanderthals genome contained harmful mutations

Posted: on June 08, 2016

facebook New UCSD search engine can sort through functional genomics data

Newly launched Genomic Data Commons to facilitate data and clinical information sharing

Genome engineering of quantifiable protein tags: Western blot on the way down?

Biden Designates NCI's Genomic Data Commons As "Foundational Element" of Cancer Moonshot

Posted: on June 07, 2016

facebook Have drug hunters finally cracked KRas?

American Scientists Want to Manufacture Synthetic Human Genomes

Microbiome Startup, Vedanta, Gets $50M to Make 'Rationally Defined' Bugs into Drugs

MedGenome partners with ZellNet Consulting to offer powerful genomics solutions

Posted: on June 06, 2016

facebook Simple blood tests can help detect, target cancer: study

Inside the 'black box' of human development

Researchers uncover how 'silent' genetic changes drive cancer

Genetic Code Of Red Blood Cells Discovered

Posted: on June 04, 2016

facebook After secret Harvard meeting, scientists announce plans for synthetic human genomes

High-throughput, sensitive approach helps reveal what's 'real' in GWAS data

New CRISPR system for targeting RNA

Global fungal threat: Six new species associated with bat evolution

Posted: on June 03, 2016

facebook A variation on a gene brings unexpected benefits

Biological specimen troves get a reprieve

Glioma Signature Predicts Outcomes in Glioblastoma

Research shows that corals share many of the genes in the human genome

Posted: on June 02, 2016

facebook Nature conserves its most vital DNA by multitasking, researchers show

Researchers identify new genetic drivers of adrenal cancer

Big Data Quickens the Life Sciences Enterprise

Stanford Medicine conference provided a big look at big data

Posted: on June 01, 2016

facebook Assessment of first complete mitochondrial genome of ancient Phoenician

Delivering on the vast potential of personalised medicine

Scientists identify new drivers of rare cancer type

Including Proteomics Is Key to Achieving Goals of National Cancer Moonshot

Posted: on May 31, 2016

facebook Breast Cancer in Men

New Study Finds Evidence of Human Re-Migration into Africa

Connections between gut microbiota and the brain

'Genetically engineered' crops not adverse to environment or human health

Posted: on May 30, 2016

facebook Researchers obtained mitochondrial genome of ancient Phoenician

Researchers find Aspergillus as interesting target for discovery of novel drugs

Overcoming barriers to move beyond race-based treatment decisions

Berkeley researchers devise faster, more efficient gene editing in mice

Posted: on May 28, 2016

facebook Researchers link gene expression patterns of normal tissue to breast cancer prognosis

Swapping spit: what saliva can reveal about your romantic relationship

Large-Scale Proteogenomic Breast Cancer Study

TV documentary series shows value of genomics

Posted: on May 27, 2016

facebook Study reveals protein that dials immune responses up and down

Genome 10K: building a vertebrate 'genomic zoo' to help protect our planet

New study surveys genetic changes linked with Parkinson's disease

Genome sequencing provides diagnosis for some types of intellectual disability

Posted: on May 26, 2016

facebook National Cancer Moonshot initiative needs to target proteins that drive cancer

World's largest coral gene database created

Closing the evidence gap on public attitudes toward genetic data handling

Genes linked to effects of mood and stress on longevity identified

Posted: on May 25, 2016

facebook OU center examines how genomic information impacts medical care of Native Americans

Proteins key to unlocking cancer for National Cancer Moonshot

Sequencing analysis identifies genomic alterations in colorectal precancers

A rallying call for microbiome science national data management

Posted: on May 24, 2016

facebook Scientists managed to "cut out" HIV virus from rats

Why does cancer affect men and women differently?

Link between obesity and physically distant diseases

CRISPR in silico simulation upstart taps Celgene, Data Collective for cash

Posted: on May 23, 2016

facebook Analysis of longitudinal data from animals with missing values using SPSS

UBC research makes key ovarian cancer discoveries

Gene-encoding enzyme found that gives red pigment to some birds

Gene genie almost out of the bottle

Posted: on May 21, 2016

facebook Shedding light on the 'dark matter' of the genome

The synthetic human genome could be around the corner

After a prominent gene-testing firm declined to give patients their complete data

"Superbug" review calls for tests before antibiotic prescriptions

Posted: on May 20, 2016

facebook Researchers develop new way to decode large amounts of biological data

Better Survival for Colon Cancer Patients with Left-Sided Tumors

Using microgravity to accelerate the fight against cancer

Machine Learning Advances Fight Against Cancer

Posted: on May 19, 2016

facebook DeepBind crunches data to find patterns behind origins of disease

NIH funds new studies on ethical, legal and social impact of genomic information

Scientists track last 2,000 years of British evolution

Humans are still evolving-and we can watch it happen

Posted: on May 18, 2016

facebook Fluidigm Introduces Single-Cell TCR Sequencing

Better corn in our future: Meaningful part of maize genome identified

Scientists solved structure of new protein to be used for genome editing

Secret Genome Meeting

Posted: on May 17, 2016

facebook Researchers show that four-stranded DNA is formed and unfolded

New Technique Provides Pairwise RNA-RNA Partnering Information

150 scientists just met in secret to discuss creating a synthetic human genome

Machine-learning techniques could revolutionize materials science

Posted: on May 16, 2016

facebook New evidence supports genetic basis of glaucoma

Revolutionary drug explained by scientists

The Broad Institute Migrates Genome Sequencing Pipeline to Google Cloud Platform

Landmark Lions project to provide genome sequencing to hundreds of Aussie kids with cancer

Posted: on May 14, 2016

facebook Researchers find blood marker that determines who will respond to colorectal cancer drug

Study identifies potential treatment target for pancreatic cancer

New integrative data portal for brilliant brassicas

Jackson Laboratory gets $1.3 million award to help educators teach genomics

Posted: on May 13, 2016

facebook Twin study finds that gut microbiomes run in families

Persistent childhood asthma linked to COPD

Scientists say it's your genes can determine your education

Genetics: On the heredity trail

Posted: on May 12, 2016

facebook What makes tumours tick? Genomics pave the way for tailored treatments

Genetic variations that boost PKC enzyme contribute to Alzheimer's disease

Biologists struggle with push to eliminate radioactive caesium in labs

Team finds new avenues of precision medicine for treating cancer

Posted: on May 11, 2016

facebook Study highlights significance of tiny RNA molecules in tissue regeneration process

International collaboration for genome analysis leads to clues about rare cancer

Blood pressure over time may better predict stroke, death risk

Big Data's Big Implications for Cancer Treatments

Posted: on May 10, 2016

facebook Rare disease patients share info on MyGene2 web tool to assist with gene discovery

Breast cancer genomes discovery paves way for personalised treatment

The UK's genome sequencing project

Scientists combine data from cancer genome with information on disease progression

Posted: on May 07, 2016

facebook Scientists have a crazy plan to sequence Leonardo da Vinci's genome

Mapping a cell's destiny: New tool speeds discovery of spatial patterns in gene networks

Testing non-breast cancer genes in high-risk women leaves more questions than answers

Can patient's genetic data help keep them healthy?

Posted: on May 06, 2016

facebook Discovery of cancer gene may predict survival in patients with mouth cancers

Can artificial intelligence create the next wonder material?

Searching big data for disease resistance in crops

Start-ups: A sense of enterprise

Posted: on May 05, 2016

facebook Hunting for the Signatures of Cancer

How personal genomics spells the end of donor anonymity

Precision for Medicine Acquires Applied Immunology

Searching big data for disease resistance in crops

Posted: on May 04, 2016

facebook Meet GeNemo, The Genomic Search Engine

Breast Cancer Genome Could Lead to Personalized Treatments

Wrapping up multiple sclerosis at UCSF

Start-up Color Genomics democratises cancer testing

Posted: on May 03, 2016

facebook Current cancer drug discovery method flawed, study suggests

NIH Awards Seattle Startup ID Genomics with $3 Million Grant

Bioengineers create first online search engine for functional genomics data

Sharing data to advance structural biology

Posted: on April 30, 2016

facebook A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket

Color Genomics Advances Precision Medicine with New Test for Hereditary Cancers

Putting antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the immune system under 'surveillance'

New gene testing technology finds cancer risks 'hiding in plain sight'

Posted: on April 29, 2016

facebook Devastating wheat fungus appears in Asia for first time

Analysis of dog genome will provide insight into human disease

Scientists worry as cancer moonshots multiply

Genomic Study Sheds Light on Evolution of Multicellularity

Posted: on April 28, 2016

facebook Highlighting genomes for DNA Day 2016

Researchers discover gene that plays vital role in inherited eye disorder

100k Sign Up for Geisinger's Genomic Biobank

Bacterial genomics: Microbial GWAS coming of age

Posted: on April 27, 2016

facebook Nicotine dependence associated with DNA polymorphism

20 year-old puzzle solved through genetic advances

Researchers discover benefits of freedom to fail in the cloud

Scientist J. Craig Venter on science, adrenaline, and the meaning of life: Darwin Barks

Posted: on April 26, 2016

facebook AstraZeneca launches project to sequence 2 million genomes

Cleveland Clinic Study Finds Barriers to Precision Oncology in a Real-World Test

Scientists identify gene responsible for 'evolution in action' in Darwin's finches

Powerful Gene Regulator Under-Expressed in Schizophrenia Patients

Posted: on April 25, 2016

facebook Researchers Repair Brain Injuries With New Cells

Share research to fight Zika and prepare for the next pandemic

Scientists identify gene Linked to variations in beak size among Darwin's finches

'Genetic destiny' can be averted for some crippling diseases, high cholesterol

Posted: on April 23, 2016

facebook AstraZeneca links with three partners to focus on genomics

Scientists develop CRISPRainbow to study genome structure in real time

Team advances single molecule electronic DNA sequencing

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

Posted: on April 22, 2016

facebook NIH suspends clinical trials after contamination risk discovered

Gene-editing hack yields pinpoint precision

UK government pulls back from rule 'gagging' researchers

Innovation in genomics and the future of medtech

Posted: on April 21, 2016

facebook Genomic info to help cancer docs personalize treatment

First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells

Genomic test may tell if adjuvant chemotherapy is right option or not

Salmon genome collaboration published in Nature

Posted: on April 20, 2016

facebook Personalized treatment for chronic pain closer to reality

New computer program can help uncover hidden genomic alterations that drive cancers

The tree of life: with Darwin from Genesis to genomics

Circulating Tumor Cells Traverse Tiny Vasculature

Posted: on April 19, 2016

facebook CPR breathes new air into the tree of life

Researchers use CRISPR gene-editing to target HIV, might create resistance

MedGenome Offers Genomics-based Clinical Reporting in MENA Region

Almost 10,000 farmers yet to receive Genomics payments

Posted: on April 18, 2016

facebook International Cancer Genome Consortium for Medicine (ICGCmed) launches

Illumina commits $100M to new genomics-focused VC shop

Innovations in Proteomics and Genomics Drive Era of Precision Medicine

Cancer genomics: Hard-to-reach repairs

Posted: on March 22, 2016

facebook A problem quartered-new subtypes, new solutions?

Bladder cancer type bears molecular features of breast cancer

Australian clinics are using a loophole to charge up to $60,000 for unproven stem cell therapies

Lupus study shows precision medicine's potential to define the genetics of autoimmune disease

Posted: on March 21, 2016

facebook Genetic sequencing available for more Victorian patients to improve diagnosis, treatments

Decoding the molecular ties between vascular disease and Alzheimer's

Scripps Institute says Illumina infringes on patent

New visualization reveals the Zika virus at atomic level

Posted: on March 19, 2016

facebook New method detects multiple diseases via DNA released from dying cells into blood

Leukemia study reveals role of RNA binding protein in driving cancer

Our gut microbiome is always changing; it's also remarkably stable

Scientists Use CRISPR To Target RNA For First Time Ever

Posted: on March 18, 2016

facebook Bacterial resistance to copper in the making for thousands of years

Spectrum of AGL mutations in Chinese patients with glycogen storage disease type III

Elsevier launches JACC: Basic to Translational Science

Interspecific Y chromosome variation is sufficient to rescue hybrid male sterility

Posted: on March 17, 2016

facebook Large Genomic Study Finds New Kidney Cancer Subtypes and Drug Targets

Breast cancer: The good news

The Government seem more interested in our genes than our voices

Antitumour T cells as peripheral biomarkers

Posted: on March 16, 2016

facebook Cutting-edge single-cell genomics and modelling in immunology

Doggie DNA startup wants to learn about human diseases from dog drool

Beyond Blood Type: Genomics Can Show What You're Really Made Of

Most patients with advanced cancer want genetic testing results

Posted: on March 15, 2016

facebook Loss-of-function variants- not always what they seem

Friends with benefits-sex speeds up adaptation

Vancouver company offers free gene analysis for cancer patients

A world leader in unlocking the genome

Posted: on March 14, 2016

facebook Citizen science project draws up the first oral microbiome map for the youth

Can't figure out genetics? Here's a handy guide

Scientists map biological networks of genes to gain new insights on disease mechanisms

Genomics technology gains ground among cattle producers

Posted: on March 12, 2016

facebook New 'lipidomics' method could bring fast cancer diagnosis

New gene variants found in childhood body mass index

The genomics revolution and why we need to be smarter in our use of genetic data

TGen achieves brain cancer breakthrough

Posted: on March 11, 2016

facebook Study Highlights Need for Better Characterized Genomes for Clinical Sequencing

You can now sequence your entire genome for under $1,000

Phoenix Aims To Become Oncology Destination As More Cities Look To Biotech For Growth

Bioinformatics: A Fusion of Computers and Biological Data

Posted: on March 10, 2016

facebook Population genomics reveals that within-fungus polymorphism is common

Genetic Counseling Helps Physicians Decode Test Results

Skin Cancer Teams Up With Sonic The Hedgehog

Improved lysis of single bacterial cells by a modified alkaline-thermal shock procedure

Posted: on March 09, 2016

facebook Gene regulatory mechanisms underpinning prostate cancer susceptibility

Precision medicine requires reliable genome sequencing

Immunology meets single-cell sequencing

Epigenetic suppression of neprilysin regulates breast cancer invasion

Posted: on March 08, 2016

facebook Fat mice provide clue to obesity-colon cancer puzzle

Genome watch: EPEC: a cocktail of virulence

High Glycemic Index Associated With Increased Risk of Lung Cancer

Blood test may give early warning of skin cancer relapse

Posted: on March 07, 2016

facebook Here be dragons: Hard-to-sequence sections of genome remain

SIFT 4G software can lead to faster genome analysis

UCLA scientists to help map Armenian genome

Human genome study finds many genes have no effect on human health

Posted: on March 05, 2016

facebook New MyGene2 web tool may help find genes influencing Mendelian disorders

Dietary glycemic index linked to lung cancer risk in select populations

Mapping family health history could drive patients to more timely screenings

Our Best Papers: sensors, sequencing and arrays, and imaging

Posted: on March 04, 2016

facebook Rare disease patients share info on MyGene2 web tool to assist with gene discovery

Genetic discovery in canine compulsive behavior could yield new insight into human OCD

Ovarian cancer: a genome disorder seen

Comparative transcriptome analysis of muscular dystrophy

Posted: on March 03, 2016

facebook Molecular subtypes of pancreatic cancer

Deal watch: MSD buys in to emerging epigenetic cancer target

Common blood test could predict risk of 2nd stroke

Genomics provides tools for better meat

Posted: on March 02, 2016

facebook A new way to discover DNA modifications

Patients get mixed reactions from docs over mail-ordered genetic tests

Craig Venter: Future Pathways for Synthetic Genomics

Genetic find by Brisbane team raises breast cancer hopes

Posted: on March 01, 2016

facebook A SMRT analysis of prokaryotic epigenomes

UCLA scientists develop method to predict diseases by testing saliva

Could a diet tailored to your DNA save your life?

Cancer-Causing Gene Found in Plasma May Help Predict Outcomes for Patients


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