Bioinformatics computational biology, sequence analysis, annotation, protein domains, alignment, biostatistics, bioimaging, gene prediction, Network and systems biology etc.

GenomicsGenome analysis, gene expression and regulation, Sequencing, Assembly, Annotation, Functional genomics, Genomic medicine, Human genomics, Comparative Genomics etc.

EpigenomicsEpigenome, DNA methylation, genome-wide methylation analysis, histone modification, Epigenomics Methods etc

MetagenomicsEnvironmental genomics, ecogenomics, microbial biodiversity, Comparative metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Pathogenomics etc

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May 2015


May 2015

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John Nash's memorable final appearances

How sleep helps us learn and memorize

Engineered bacteria detect cancer and diabetes in urine

Out of Africa: How early humans first got to Europe

Is measles next?

Science retracts gay marriage paper without agreement of lead author LaCour

facebook BMC favors source code plagiarism

Young talents needed to advance medical research

TGAC awarded 150k to help boost science innovation

23 and Me's Plan to Harness Data for Disease Treatments

facebook Researchers identify six mRNA isoforms that could be used to diagnose early-stage ovarian cancer

New online tool to predict genetic resistance to tuberculosis drugs

Recent research into the next generation sequencing market - by platforms, bioinformatics, technology & application

facebook Big Sequencing Beclouds Big Data

New RIKEN president hopes to hold onto young stars

Scientists find way to create supersized fruit

Science still seen as male profession, according to international study of gender bias

Rosetta Genomics Announces Selection of First Pilot Project Grant under Strategic Alliance with Moffitt Cancer Center

Gentleman aims to use 23andMe's R&D blank slate to tip in vivo-in silico testing balance

Researchers turn to volunteer readers to speed research on rare genetic disorder

Russian scientists cut off from Springer journals

facebook Is Facebook keeping you in a political bubble?

US lawmakers advance controversial science-policy bill

Weighing The Promises Of Big Genomics

Artificial-windpipe surgeon committed misconduct

How manufacturers are addressing the demand for personalised medicine

facebook EMBO announces new members for 2015

Can we clone dinosaurs?

Potential flaws in genomics paper scrutinized on Twitter

facebook Could a computer predict the next pandemic?

HHMI Selects 26 of the Nation's Top Biomedical Scientists

FDA approves 23andMe gene carrier test

Personal genome diagnostics study shows limitations of tumor-only sequencing for cancer

Physics paper sets record with more than 5,000 authors

The era of genomic medicine is beginning

The Big Data Addiction-NGS Has It Bad

'Supercharged' genomics: 100 years of breakthroughs possible in 10 years

Kashmir born USA scientist to develop diagnostic device for Cancer, Hepatitis C

Epigenomics of Alzheimer's disease progression

Cleveland Clinic forges human genomics agreement

How IBM's Watson supercomputer is battling cancer with advanced genomics

Penn Researchers Join Two NSF Projects on Medical Cyber-physical Systems

This Irish student just got an asteroid named after him

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute research team finds new ways to detect ovarian cancer

Affymetrix buys assets of California-based Eureka Genomics for $15 million

Bioinformatics Market Growing at 20.9% CAGR to 2020 by Sectors, Products & Services, Application and Geography

College Three by Five: Undergraduate Programs in Bioinformatics

Why biotechnology is brewing a big bubble

Biotechnology Will Provide Excellent Investment Opportunities well into the 21st Century

Agro Biotech market: $46.8 billion by 2019

In Yellowstone's hot springs, biotechnology revolution was born

Can Biotech Save American Manufacturing?

Making biotechnology interactive with games, remote-control labs

European Commission unveils long-awaited science advice plans

Science in India

Massively parallel biology students: Fruit-fly paper has 1,000 authors

UB professor Norma Nowak to receive Sponsors Award from Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Michael J. Fox Foundation Brings Parkinson's Data to tranSMART

Countdown to Big Data in Biomedicine: Leveraging big data technology to advance genomics

Life sciences graduate brings biology to an Arizona state prison

Biological Design Center Comes to Life

Newly found microbe is close relative of complex life

Can biotech provide the magic formula for the green economy?

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