Jennette McCurdy recalls her first kiss with 'iCarly' costar

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy recalled her negative experience filming her first-ever kissing scene while starring in the hit sitcom "iCarly."

Together, Sam, Carly, and Freddie launched a successful web series while in high school.

Although McCurdy's character often bullied and teased Freddie, the two had a brief romantic relationship in the show.

In the season two episode titled "iKiss," Sam and Freddie kissed for the first time.

The moment happened after both of them revealed that they hadn't kissed anyone before and decided to get it over with.

The actress said that her nerves were compounded by a man referred to only as "The Creator" yelling at her while shooting.

"Our lips are touching," McCurdy recalled. "He's moving his mouth around a bit, but I can't move mine. I'm frozen. His eyes are closed. Mine aren't.

Mine are wide open, staring at him. It's so odd, staring at a person while your faces are touching. I don't like it. I can smell his hair gel."

McCurdy said that she had an "out-of-body experience" in the scene leading up to the kiss, with her heart pounding and her hands feeling clammy.