The Northern Lights: Aurora borealis might be visible across northern US tonight

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NASA astronaut Bob Hines caught the aurora on camera from the International Space Station on Wednesday (Aug. 17) following a moderate solar outburst.

The Northern Lights may be visible in the mainland U.S. this week due to a strong geomagnetic storm, according to NOAA.

Chance to see Northern Lights in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Connecticut and many more cities

The storms can drive the aurora further south from its usual position over the polar region.

The phenomenon, known scientifically as the aurora borealis, typically occurs closer to the North Pole, near Alaska and Canada.

The storm started Sunday and is expected to peak Thursday to a G3 level -G5 is the highest measurement of the storm's intensity and end Friday.

This is the third level of NOAA's five-level geomagnetic storm scale. (G1 storms are minor; G5s are considered extreme.)

In most cases, the solar storms we experience on Earth are harmless, but on occasion strong bursts of space weather can also create infrastructure problems as power lines, satellites etc

The southern lights, known as the aurora australis, also can be visible in far southern parts of the world such as Australia.


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