Link between Cancer and Fungi

According to two studies published in Cell on 29 September, 2022, Researchers have found a connection between cancer and fungi.


Pan-cancer analyses reveal cancer-type-specific fungal ecologies and bacteriome interactions

Cell, 2022

Article: 2

A pan-cancer mycobiome analysis reveals fungal involvement in gastrointestinal and lung tumors.

Cell, 2022

The studies only suggest that there is an association between fungal species and certain cancers, they do not show whether or not the fungi are directly responsible for cancer progression.

Like bacteria, fungal microorganisms form a crucial part of the human microbiome , a delicate balance of microbes living inside the body.

Lian Narunsky Haziza, a cancer biologist at the Weizmann Institute and her colleagues catalogued fungal populations in more than 17,000 tissue and blood samples representing 35 types of cancer.

In another study, Iliyan Iliev at Weill Cornell Medicine and his colleagues looked at gastrointestinal, lung and breast tumours, and found that they tended to contain Candida, Blastomyces and Malassezia fungi, respectively.

Higher levels of Candida in gastrointestinal tumour cells were linked to more gene activity that promotes inflammation, a higher rate of metastasis and lower survival rates, the researchers found.

Both studies provides the clearest link  between cancer and fungi.

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