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Update: on , 2021

Mapping the perfect wine and cheese pairings - using data science

First genomics-driven model for personalized radiation therapy developed

Fatal French clinical trial failed to check data before raising drug dose

Study unmasks the genetic complexity of cancer cells within the same tumor


Nearly 500 New lncRNAs Identified

Hearing loss prevalence declining in U.S. adults aged 20 to 69 years

Two major groups of rabies virus display distinct evolutionary trends


Posted: on December 16, 2016

facebook Scientists sequence the genome of the Iberian lynx, the most endangered feline

Microprotein important for maintaining human cell health discovered

Researchers sequence entire genome of seahorse, investigate essential mechanisms of evolution

Posted: on December 15, 2016

facebook Cancer genomics continued: Triple negative breast cancer and cancer immunotherapy

Personal-genome cancer-risk profile may not inspire lifestyle changes

Toward New Treatment Targets in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Update: on December 14, 2016

facebook Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Show Signs of Donor Age

Database of DNA viruses and retroviruses debuts on IMG platform

New mutations in gene PKD1L1 are associated with disarrangement of human internal organs

Posted: on December 13, 2016

facebook NIH competition seeks wearable device to detect alcohol levels in real-time

5,000 samples for genome programme

Cow gene study shows why most clones fail

Posted: on December 12, 2016

facebook Cellular immunotherapy targets a common human cancer mutation

New test genetically identifies fungal wheat threat

Controversial hormone could fight against recurring breast cancers

Posted: on December 10, 2016

facebook Tracking breast cancer cell genetics reveals longer potential treatment window

Synthetic sgRNA for CRISPR genome editing

Personality traits, psychiatric disorders linked to specific genomic locations

Posted: on December 09, 2016

facebook New study suggests how risk gene linked to ADHD may work

North America's oldest mummy returned to US tribe after genome sequencing

Researchers identify critical paralog groups with indispensable role in cellular signalling pathways

Posted: on December 08, 2016

facebook "Google Docs" for life sciences accelerates discovery

Researchers find overwhelming evidence of malaria's existence 2,000 years ago

New study unravels critical genes to understand human diseases and support drug discovery

Posted: on December 07, 2016

facebook Potential for wide-scale whole-genome sequencing in humans using nanopore approaches

Scientist designs lamp light operative photodynamic molecules for tumor therapy

Scientists aim for first U.S. aquatic species map

Posted: on December 06, 2016

facebook In vivo gene editing in non-dividing cells

NIH Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

The power of precision genomics to understand unique causes of disease in individual patients

Posted: on December 05, 2016

facebook US health-reform legislation clears big hurdle

Battle over US overtime pay rules leaves many postdocs in limbo

Government moves to close cattle DNA loopholes

Posted: on December 03, 2016

facebook The Pangenome: Are Single Reference Genomes Dead?

Cigarette smoking may lead to fibrosis in the heart and kidneys, study reveals

UK moves closer to allowing 'three-parent' babies

Posted: on December 02, 2016

facebook Scientists identify unique genomic features in testicular cancer

Infographic: Partioning the Genome

Study finds potential new biomarker for cancer patient prognosis

Posted: on December 01, 2016

facebook CRISPR screens tackle the noncoding genome

Online epidemic tracking tool embraces open data and collective intelligence

Big data promise exponential change in healthcare